The uFraction8 group of companies were founded by Dr Monika Tomecka and Dr Brian Miller. uFraction8 develops microfluidics-based filter systems as a solution to help bio-manufacturers to harvest their products with energy-efficient and scalable bioprocessing systems. This approach of using hydrodynamic phenomena as a new mechanism of filtration can outcompete conventional filters and centrifuges in key areas. uFraction8 follows BioTech and CleanTech trends and focuses on simplifying industrial processes that use cell cultures for the production of food, bio-pharmaceuticals and other bio-based products and chemicals.

uFraction8 is a multi-award-winning company recognised for the innovative technology and highly capable team. Awards have come from prestigious international organizations leading the development of new technologies and impactful research such as Horizon 2020, InnovateUK, European Innovation Council, Nature Publications, The Royal Society of Edinburgh and The institute of Chemical Engineers amongst many others.

uFraction8 has a vision to enable the global transition to sustainable bio-based manufacture to help feed, mobilise and maintain the health of people and ecosystems for the security of our future. To achieve this, uFraction8 will aim to build the most efficient and scalable filtration solutions that have ever existed to solve the problems with harvesting and processing microbial cell cultures, particularly for biopharmaceutical applications. After achieving this, further development and research will explore new applications where microfluidics at scale can solve industrial challenges, such as those in the field of flow chemistry and eliminating microplastics and other areas of waste and resource management.

uFraction8 strives to build a culture around shared values of technological excellence, efficiency, collaboration and community, love for all people, balance and courage. We believe we can do this through being open, honest, respecting diverse views, owning our responsibilities and maintaining effective communication.


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Dr Brian Miller EFRSE


Dr Brian Miller is one of the original inventors of uFraction8’s technology. Following the successful PhD where the technology was developed, he undertook a Royal Society of Edinburgh Enterprise Fellowship to learn the skills required for commercialisation of the technology. Furthermore, he has a background as a professional engineer and was involved in delivering high value projects in gas turbine control systems in industry.

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Dr Monika Tomecka


Dr Monika Tomecka has a PhD with a background in biology, genetics and biomedical research. This gives her insight into the science and operations of uFraction8’s customer segments. She is able to converse at an appropriate level to engage and sell the benefits of uFraction8 technology.

Senior Advisory Board

Dr Richard Kurtz profile pic

Dr Richard Kurtz

Senior Director of Corporate Development
Bio-Rad Laboratories


Richard Kurtz, Ph.D. is a Senior Director of Corporate Development for Bio-Rad Laboratories.  In his current role, Richard executes corporate strategies to deliver long-term company growth, focusing on acquisitions and partnerships in both Life Science and Clinical Diagnostics. Richard also coordinates corporate venture investments in start-up companies with innovative products and technologies.

Richard has 20 years of industry experience.  Previously, Richard was the Marketing Director for the Life Science Gene Expression Division, a role in which he managed long-term product-line strategies, product development and global commercialization activities for one of Bio-Rad’s largest Life Science product portfolios. He has extensive experience in strategic business planning, technology assessment, product development and commercialization.

Richard received his Ph.D. in Molecular Biology from Northwestern University prior to transitioning into industry.

Eric Garnier profile pic

Eric Garnier

Former Vice President Pall Medical


Eric Garnier has an experience of around 35 years in healthcare businesses, including 12 years of expatriation. During this period, Eric has occupied key positions with increasing responsibilities in two American multinational Life Sciences companies ie Bristol-Myers Squibb and Pall Corporation (a Danaher company).

Eric started in finance and has had several management roles in France and in the UK as European Finance Director. He subsequently moved to general management leadership positions as General Manager France, Regional VP South Europe and then President of the AsiaPac region for Pall, based in Singapore. In his last role with Pall Eric was Vice President and GM of the global Medical BU based in Boston.

After having relocated back to France Eric has set up his own consultancy business specializing in healthcare. He is also a member of the board of Angels Santé. Eric has an MBA from Institut Superieur de Gestion (Paris).

Dr Peter Ball profile pic

Dr Peter Ball

Senior Biopharma Executive Williamson Biotech Solutions


Dr Peter Ball held a series of senior global technical and commercial roles  at Pall Corporation (now part of the Danaher group) spanning Research and Development, Strategic Marketing and Business Development within the Life Sciences market space.  

Peter's experience spans intellectual property landscape review (as part of technology licensing and acquisition) small company acquisition and post-acquisition integration, new product portfolio planning and product development from ideation to launch. He has worked with a number of early stage start-ups, both whilst at Pall  since leaving them to work as a mentor within  Panacea Innovation’s accelerator programme.

Peter's technical and market experience covers many aspects of pharmaceutical product manufacturing, particularly bioprocessing, together with Clinical Diagnostics, Drug Discovery Rapid Microbiology and medical devices. He is an enthusiastic, open-minded, technically-knowledgeable and entrepreneurial individual passionate about helping those starting their own company to manage successfully the challenges they face.

UK Team

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Chris Balmer

Project Engineer

Cameron Ritchie profile pic
Cameron Ritchie

Graduate Engineer

PL Team

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Paweł Rusinow

Project Manager

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Darin Rusinow

Assistant Project Manager

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Bartosz Weryho

Design Engineer

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Kamil Górski

Systems Engineer

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Bolesław Rohm

Electronics Engineer

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