Next-gen bioseparation technology

optimising biotech processes

Go with the flow

to maintain 100% permeability

Optimise your bio-manufacture processing.


Scale up from the lab to production via multiplexing with no technology change.

High yield

Achieve > 99% yield by maintaining permeability over a long duration.

Max. viability

Independent testing concluded no damage to viability and propagation of HEK & CHO cell lines.

Perfect for:

• Viral vector manufacture processing.

• Monoclonal antibody manufacture processing.

• Any continuous flow perfusion culture system.

What can uFraction8 do for you?

A brief overview of our technology.

How it works:

The Chip

The functional core of our systems. This is a precisely patterned geometry that performs the processing of the liquid that is pumped through the system.

The Stack

Sandwiching hundreds of layers of identical microfluidic chips into one block, it is now possible to process high volumes of liquid in a compact unit.

The Manifold

To ensure that the flow entering and leaving the stack is provided at a uniform rate, a specially designed pressure distributing manifold is applied to every fluid connection into hosing or piping.

The Module

When a stack is fully populated with manifolds, a complete functional module is created which can be reproduced to satisfy the flow throughput requirements of any application. Multi-module systems have already been demonstrated to process several cubic metres of liquid volume per day.

Building off Brian Miller's Nature-published research,

uFraction8 has pioneered a seemingly paradoxical technology (high throughput microfluidics?!), which offers massive impact addressing the single largest bottleneck in bioproduction today, to enable an entire class net carbon negative manufacturing technologies that will displace many of the most polluting industrial processes today.

Dominic Falcao, Founding Director,
Deep Science Ventures

I am excited to work with μfraction8 and their novel cell separation technology,

which I believe represents a potentially important new tool for upstream processing - particularly continuous processing operations in Biopharmaceutical manufacturing.

Dr Peter Ball, Senior AdvisorY Board,  uFraction8
Senior Biopharma Executive,
Williamson Biotech Solutions

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